The man decided to rob, to escape from prison in a scandalous wife

A resident of Novosibirsk unusual way tried to solve their family problems. Especially for this, he organized robbery. Surveillance cameras recorded his attempted robbery
Man consciously decided to go to jail. Such a decision he took to rid yourself of meetings with the scandalous wife. To implement his plan, a resident of Novosibirsk went to a nearby store robbery.

Surveillance cameras recorded the moment when the man, ignoring the guard approached the cashier and demanded to give all the proceeds. The attacker threatened verbally without unarmed.

Guards defused aggressively tuned robber and took him to the utility room before the arrival of police. Police officers took the attacker to the detoxification center. Now a man faces an administrative case and a fine, and not imprisonment to which he was so anxious.

7 December 2013

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