State-owned companies have found a way to circumvent the recommendation Vladimir Putin (civil servants and officials are not going to limit themselves in lush New Year celebrations)

State-owned companies are not going to indulge in conducting corporate lush holiday at public expense. After Vladimir Putin said that civil servants and officials should celebrate New Year party for their money, companies have come up with how to get around the recommendation of the president. For example, some invitations for New Year event replaced the word “corporate” to “friendly evening”, and the site is literally overflowing with millions of public procurement tenders of state banks and state-owned companies organizing the festival.

Occasion to get budgets for the New Year from representatives of state companies and officials, found quite a few. A few weeks before the main holiday companies put purchase orders Christmas cards, gifts, holding “children’s corporate” - New prices for such purchases will cost the treasury millions of rubles.

For example, representatives of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Research Institute of Control Devices” expect to receive 750 thousand rubles for organizing Christmas parties for employees.

“Krasnoyarskenergosbyt” decided to buy Christmas gifts and presents for the children of their employees nearly 1.6 million rubles. “Transneft” to purchase tickets for teens to 0,250,000 rubles to attend a party in the elite club of ICON. Nearly 1 million the company spends on circus tickets Zapashny brothers. Another 366 thousand rubles, “Transneft” Requests to visit the “Land of Dreams” “Olympic.” 6,000,000 rubles oilmen are willing to spend the New Year holiday on the organization for its employees in the Concert Hall of the PI Tchaikovsky.

Of energy is not far behind and “Gazprom”: sets for holidays with candy and toys for children whose parents are working in one of the regions, the state will have to spend 678 thousand rubles. Christmas party for children from the administration of “Gazprom Transgaz Moscow” also cost a substantial sum, the representatives of the tender put nearly 1.4 million rubles.

In turn, the Bank of Moscow Children’s New Year’s celebration to spend want to order more, the company has posted a tender for 5.5 million rubles. For comparison: Stand-service New Year’s Eve at 350 persons on behalf of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov in honor of heads of diplomatic missions and their spouses will cost the treasury of the country in the amount of slightly less - almost 1.5 million rubles.

Representatives of “Sberbank of Russia” decided in the period from 2013 to 2015 for the New Year to decorate their offices in Moscow for only 3.5 million rubles. 11.8 million rubles same Sberbank intends to spend on the development of the concept and public events where the company greeting customers metropolitan New Year holidays. In addition, the production of greeting cards for clients of Sberbank will ask the state treasury two million rubles. It is to be noted on a large scale corporate bankers also could not afford to refuse ………

11 December 2013

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