Barack Obama twice disgraced the funeral of Nelson Mandela. “Where are you, Odysseus, his wife, child?”

U.S. President twice disgraced at the funeral in South Africa dedicated to saying goodbye to Nelson Mandela.

First, Obama shook hands with Cuban leader Raul Castro.

Second, he strongly amused himself shooting on the phone in the company of fellow politicians, according to Washington Post.

Nobody expected that the American president will behave at the funeral of the world-famous politician as bored teenager at a school assembly.

The people sitting next to him at the funeral in the suburbs of Johannesburg, were amazed to see how Barack Obama is photographed on the smartphone, gently hugging the Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt.

The footage, published in U.S. newspapers, seen as policy cute talking and laughing. Apparently, the slightest grief over the death of Mandela they are not experiencing.

Relish after talking with the Danish Prime Minister, Barack Obama called for the head of the British government of David Cameron participate in a group photograph. He gladly accepted the offer of the American counterparts.

As can be seen on the web have scattered pictures U.S. first lady Michelle Obama, all the while sitting next to her husband, can not recover from indignation. Judging by her frown, she condemns the behavior of the spouse.

Besides undue fun, Barack Obama “punctured” also on the fact that during the ceremony shook hands with Raul Castro. Relations between the U.S. and Cuba for many years are under the Cold War, and the gesture of President Americans embraced more than ambiguous.

However, according to representatives of Obama, his friendly handshake with Cuban leader was not a planned act.

“All the President’s attention was devoted to the funeral. His refusal to shake hands with Raul Castro would contravene the principle of reconciliation advocated by Nelson Mandela” - said representatives of the U.S. president.

11 December 2013

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