Toronto Mayor danced at a meeting of the City Council under the Bob Marley

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, known scandalous reputation and drug addiction, once again excelled. The mayor got into the camera lens, having fun dancing to the song Bob Marley at a meeting of the city council.

During his political career, Ford has repeatedly been at the center of a number of personal and work-related scandals and lawsuits, which almost deprived him of his post. In 2013, Ford became the subject of allegations of drug abuse, which were widely covered by local and international press. The scandal caused gotten into the press videotape on which a man, like Ford, smokes crack, as well as the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Justin Trudeau “fagot.” The mayor himself first categorically denied any involvement in the video and to use drugs, but later confessed to use crack. According to him, he smoked crack, but it is not drug addicts. Ford said it happened once during the “drunken stupor” about a year ago, but he does not remember the exact date. Later, at a meeting of the city council, he also admitted that he bought illegal drugs within the last two years.

In addition to this scandal Ford also has been accused of sexual harassment of colleagues and drinking and driving, and at work. At the city council meeting November 15, 2013 the mayor decided to limit the powers delegated part of their his deputy Norm Kelly for the remainder of the term of the Ford Foundation. In the new board meeting held on November 18, it was decided to deprive Ford of almost all his remaining powers.

18 December 2013

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