Elimination of the “Jubilee” main control began at a time when a large part of preparations for the 1150 anniversary of Smolensk, far from over

Unable to complete work on the Dnieper embankment, construction of sports and recreation complex ecological and biological center “Smolensk Zoobuilding preschools for gifted children, body trauma hospital emergency medical service, two apartment houses for the resettlement of the inhabitants of the barracks.

There was the opening ceremony of three objects State University, is not complete reconstruction equestrian base and improving camp “Eaglet”. Not decorated monument in honor of Smolensk 1150 anniversary of the city and the monument Tenisheva patrons. So far, no major overhaul of facades and roofs of some buildings in the historic center of the city.

On the prospects of completion “jubilee” works in the latest in this year’s press conference, the governor said Alexei Ostrovsky. According to him, one of the main reasons for delays in the completion of steel unscrupulous contractors, and authorities in the region have been forced to deal with the termination of the previously concluded state and municipal contracts and find new partners.

- All unfinished objects will be completed - said Alexei Ostrovsky. - We have received all of the federal budget funds allocated for preparation for the 1150th anniversary of Smolensk, they are not spent until the end and will be used to complete the planned work. The zoo built cages for elk, wild boar and other animals, there will be completed next year. By December 31, I think, will be fully implemented work on equestrian base and embankment of the Dnieper. In 2014, work will continue on repair utilities and resettlement of citizens from dilapidated housing, and all the facilities needed for this region have either received or will be allocated to us from the federal budget to complete the work.

Alexei Ostrovsky said that the regional administration - “despite the enormous problems in preparation for the 1150 anniversary of Smolensk” - unable to adequately carry out the celebration, and “solid four” for this work can be put. Festivities actually prepared without the assistance of the federal center, however, the city was able to create a lot of concert and entertainment venues, invite a large number of people’s favorite artists, moreover, on the anniversary of Smolensk events were a great success in all municipal districts.

22 December 2013

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