13th December unscheduled inspection of the Education Committee, headed by the ROC deputy head of the Committee Archpriest Maxim Kozlov visited Kazan seminary for checking complaints seminary students on sexual harassment by “a member of the leadership seminars.”
Checking Commission interviewed students, but first read the text themselves complaints. The complaints two victims eloquently described how they had been sexually abused by one priest - a member of management seminary. As it turned out, the news for students it did not - 4/5 students not only confirmed the authenticity of these harassment cases in which all unanimously found the action pro-rector on educational work abbot Cyril (Iliukhin), but before the committee and described the situation as a whole - almost all managers school are sodomites.

Training committee, the Commission has made to Cyril abbot removed from office vospittaelnoy Provost for work and the press secretary of Metropolitan Anastasia.

Actually, the very fact of his dismissal constitutes acceptance of the accusations.

And - what?

Latest news:
Abbot Cyril adopted by the staff of the Tver diocese and is designed to place the head of the department of theology at Tver State University.

22 December 2013

Elimination of the “Jubilee” main control began at a time when a large part of preparations for the 1150 anniversary of Smolensk, far from over
Lviv family named her child Evromaydan

• College students in Florida lured strippers »»»
Commercial College in Florida hired strippers to work in the admissions committee that they attracted young people in school.
• Condemned Chechen "is serving his sentence in entertainment establishments in Moscow, beating guards »»»
Metropolitan Police conducts search Chechens suspected of unauthorized departures from the colony, as well as in the severe beating a security guard shopping center “European”.
• The banker who came to live broadcasts with erotic photos, keep work. For him, asked for a naked supermodel »»»
Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr has joined the internet campaign in support of the bank staff caught watching her risque photo shoot in working hours.
• Fradkov's youngest son became deputy head of the manager of the president »»»
Pavel Fradkov, the son of the head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of ex-Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov.
• In Moscow, there were gangs, robbing stores, not for money but for the thrill »»»
A new type of crime recorded in the capital, investigators: it is quite well-off and distant from the criminal world, people have created a gang and went to loot shops.