Lviv family named her child Evromaydan

In Lviv, a young family who just recently gave birth to a young boy decided to name their child Evromaydan. Such a decision they took after a month the father goes to Eugene Tihun Evromaydan and ill for the future of Ukraine.

Eugene Tihun: “This decision came mostly from me, because life is very difficult for us, and I want to change. Evromaydane I on no one pays, I’m there for free, for the idea. If a boy wants to later change his name - his will, he this can be done. Friends, relatives and neighbors support us. ”

By the way, the boy was born healthy and feels very good. He is calm and quiet. The doctors found no abnormalities in the child and today discharged home with his mother. This is their first child.

And that’s what my wife says Evgena Mary Tihun who just gave birth to a boy: “I approve of the fact that a boy named Evromaydan. We have contributed to the history of Ukraine. Maybe about us even create a page in Wikipedia.”

Asked by journalists, would not have such problems with adapting the child in society, the head of the family said: “And what’s wrong with that? Full name the boy will Tihun Evromaydan E. - great name! Avos and somehow become a professor!”

23 December 2013

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