At the University of Sussex will separate toilets for transgender

University of Sussex, which is considered one of the best in the UK, can become the first university in the country, which will be installed toilets for men, women and transsexuals. The “gender-neutral” toilets was requested Student Union University.

The representative of the Student Union of Public Relations Imozhden Adi so strange initiative explained: “It’s really exciting work. We want to break down barriers and make the university a welcoming place for all.” However, Adi in this regard did not specify what transsexuals are not satisfied with conventional toilets, and why the university should spend money to organize their special restrooms.

Do not share the view of the Board, and many ordinary students who believe this venture “stupid” and calls on the Council to do more important things for which it was created.

Meanwhile, the representative of the board revealed the true purpose of this innovation, separate toilets which are only a means: “We are working on the formation of the first transgender student policy and we need this help.”

Justifying the need for separate toilets Adi called to insult transgender feelings, which hurts the overall visit toilets and who feel there is “painful.”

Opponents of the project believe that why not make separate toilets and for other groups. As an example they cite dwarfs. Indeed, the use of shared toilets for them is often very uncomfortable, as they all suitable for adults. Thus, separate toilets for dwarfs would help to solve the real problem, unlike sly care of transgender rights.

It should be noted that the toilets for transsexuals are not something new for the UK and other western countries. For example, in the Foggy Albion first separate restrooms for transgender appeared in 2009 in a nightclub Staffordshire University

8 January 2014

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