Presentation of 33 new sites will be held January 15 in Vladivostok

We as a community art artists decided on a maximum to meet the high request for the erection of monuments in our city. Artists decided that you want to erect a monument to every citizen. We Vladivostok, and throughout the Far East a little, we all deserve it, because we live and work here - the main artist Paul Shugurov Vladivostok.

By January 15, managed to produce the first 33 of the monument, their creation was engaged in a large number of artists, funds allocated to the project sponsors and the board of trustees. First appear on the streets such exhibits as “Elena Belova suitcase burns and remains in his hometown,” “Paul compan bears flowers mom”, “Igor Pushkarev inspects area of ​​responsibility,” “Valentin Anikeyev reflects on VKAD”, “Paul sets Shugurov monument Paul Shugurova “,” blogger considers Newsmaker bars “,” Maria thinks Solovenko question Vladimir Putin “,” Larisa Belobrova Film Festival opens “and others.

- All the sculptures of different scale, we proceeded from the installation location of the object. Until all sites are concentrated in the city center, however, over time, we hope that no corner of the city will remain unaddressed. We also hope that in the embodiment of this large project, we will help the residents of Vladivostok - said Pavel Shugurov.

Artists take a tour of the monuments of the first 33 on Wednesday, January 15. Event starts at 15.00 from the central fountain on the waterfront Sports harbor. After the walk everyone is waiting for a master-class artists from the city at the bar “Chkalov”.

9 January 2014

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In the U.S., 50 people scalded with boiling water, failed to repeat the experiment from Novosibirsk (They tried to turn water into a pillar of ice dust, but, unlike our countryman, did not comply with safety measures)

• The legendary monument "Worker and Collective Farm" / Infographics / News "RIA Novosti" »»»
© RIA Novosti, Infographics. Eugene Ivanov Buy image Sculpture Worker and Collective Farm was created by Vera Mukhina’s Soviet sculptor and architect Boris Iofanom in 1935-1937 years.
• Le monument légendaire "travailleurs et kolkhoze / Infographie / Nouvelles" RIA Novosti " »»»
RIA Novosti ©, infographie. Eugene Ivanov Acheter image Sculpture travailleurs
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The National Gallery of Australia has opened a very non-standard exhibition of works by conceptual artist Dzheymca Tarella.
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In Kiev Pozniaki unknown on the night of July 4 burned topiary sculpture of an eagle.
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Local authorities found a way to circumvent the law decommunisation: monuments.