In the U.S., 50 people scalded with boiling water, failed to repeat the experiment from Novosibirsk (They tried to turn water into a pillar of ice dust, but, unlike our countryman, did not comply with safety measures)

As reported by the American edition of the British newspaper The Independent, in the United States at least 50 people scalded with boiling water, tried to freeze him in flight. By this outlandish experiment called American television journalists who have demonstrated a trick in the air to show the country, untroubled by the so-called polar vortex.
- All you need to do - is to bundle up, get boiling water and throw it in the subzero temperatures and see what happens - told reporters in North Dakota. While his colleague from Minneapolis wrote: “Threw a pot of boiling water into the air. Kids thought it was awesome. Do it, people.”
Gullible Americans decided to repeat the experiment of journalists, but made the mistake of trying to splash boiling water against the wind. As a result, according to The Independent, referring to the Los Angeles Times, at least 50 people in social networks reported that scalded yourself or your friends with boiling water.
“I just did a boiling water accidentally poured boiling water into the wind and set himself on fire” - one of the tweets of users. Another wrote: “I threw boiling water in the air, the wind blew and he landed back on my head. Now I’m on the way to the hospital with third-degree burns.”
Recall a similar experiment with a pot of boiling water, slopped during a hard frost, demonstrated in December 2012 novosibirets. But our countryman, unlike Americans, observe basic safety precautions. He poured boiling water from the pot in 41-degree cold, standing on the balcony of the 8th floor of an apartment house. The water turned into ice couples without harming anyone. A Siberian became the star of youtube, gathering with his roller millions of views. A week after they have been posted video of the episode written by the British newspaper The Daily Mail.

12 January 2014

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