Subway Surf Tokyo download android

Team of Subway Surfers this time transported to a beautiful and made by modern technologies city - Tokyo. Running rail can see beautiful purple trees, round lanterns hung with at homes and unusual roof, built in the oriental style.

The game Subway Surfer Tokyo (Tokyo), a new character, namely a beautiful Japanese woman - Harumi. She and Jake will get away from the Japanese police dog. And do not forget to purchase a beautiful new board, painted in oriental style (Japan).

13 January 2014

In the U.S., 50 people scalded with boiling water, failed to repeat the experiment from Novosibirsk (They tried to turn water into a pillar of ice dust, but, unlike our countryman, did not comply with safety measures)
Tonight at midnight will come in 2014 in the old style (Only for strong body and spirit Russia and Ukraine over the New Year)

• Drunken elk shot with apple »»»
Returning home on Tuesday, a resident of Saro in the vicinity of Gothenburg found in neighbor’s garden elk, which was stuck between the branches of the tree.
• Construction of houses. We know everything about houses! »»»
This site contains information about the construction of cottages, modern building materials, contemporary design, architectural history and building technology.
• The English wanted to impose a penalty on 50 pounds for the fact that she took her dog excrement stranger »»»
In January, 60-year-old Pam Robson walking their dog on his nickname Derek on the field near the town of Houghton-le-Spring.
• In Evpatoria completed construction of the largest dolphinarium in Ukraine »»»
In Evpatoria completed construction of a new dolphinarium, which will become the largest not only in the Crimea, but also on the territory of Ukraine.
• Russia's sushi bars and restaurants do not meet the standards of Japan. Japanese in anger »»»
When the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture set up a special structure - the Organization for the Promotion of Japanese restaurants abroad (JRO).