Tonight at midnight will come in 2014 in the old style (Only for strong body and spirit Russia and Ukraine over the New Year)

Recall that the “split” festival happened in 1918, when the Soviet government ordered the transition to the Gregorian calendar that was already lived almost all of Europe. This was due to the fact that the discrepancy in dates caused problems at the conclusion of business contracts, securities arose confusion.

As the correspondent of “New Region”, Russian Orthodox Church, and with it part of the people did not accept the new calendar and then continued to celebrate the “old style” by not only the church but also worldly holidays. However, the new year in January, believers say - for them novoletie begins in September. But for them January 13 - day Malanya Vasiliev and evening. And January 14 is the day the memory of one of the most revered saints in Russia - St. Basil the Great, who is the author of the liturgy still used in liturgical practice. Slavs, over a thousand years of Christianity have not renounced ancestral customs, thought the night before Basil especially favorable for the Christmas divination, as well as guessing cherished desire, which, according to legends, necessarily true.

Wondered that night and for the harvest: in the old days notice it if starry night, will be a good crop of berries, if the wind is blowing from the south, then the year will be hot and prosperous, in the west - to the abundance of milk and fish from the east - have fruit harvest. The gardens at midnight shook the snow from the apple - this is done to ensure that the harvest was rich.

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Today nonreligious people gladly welcomes new year and the new and old style. According to the results of a poll conducted by the research center recruitment portal, today will celebrate Old New Year nearly half of Russia. The greatest number of fans of this holiday is celebrated in the age group over 45 years. In general, in recent years the number of fans to celebrate the new year twice in January in Russia grew from 37% to 41% in 2014. “Holidays does not happen much,” - explained the survey participants, adding that it is necessary “to keep and respect the traditions.”

Incidentally, this holiday is celebrated not only in Russia. Old New Year like in Ukraine. There he celebrates every tenth inhabitant. In Romania, the holiday is celebrated in a narrow circle, Christmas cakes baked in small surprises: coins, porcelain figurines, rings, hot pepper pods. Especially enjoyed the found ring that promises a lot of luck. In Serbia, this holiday is called “Serbian New Year” or small Christmas.

Old New Year is celebrated in Switzerland. Residents of the canton of Appenzell in the XVI century did not accept the reforms of Pope Gregory and still celebrate in the night from 13 to 14 January.

Recall that the difference between the Julian and Gregorian calendars every age increases by one day. This century - an exception. Therefore, 14-day difference between the calendars established only ………

13 January 2014

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