St. Petersburg police were trying to escape from Sochi

In the Adler airport police detained two fellow guests as part of the consolidated unit GU MVD in St. Petersburg and the region to maintain law and order in the Winter Olympics. Detainees were drunk and wanted to go home from the Olympic capital. Decisions about the future of the alleged fugitives unavailable. They are kept in isolation from his colleagues, in a separate room in the territory of temporary dislocation points. Service check comes.

According to “Fontanka” citing its sources, the incident occurred more January 13. From temporary dislocation combined detachment of 900 men left two police patrol in St. Petersburg police sergeant ranks, dressed in “civilian”. They took money and passports allegedly with a clear intention of not returning to the location and leave for St. Petersburg. At the airport, police bought tickets for one of the three flights to St. Petersburg, scheduled for this afternoon. But colleagues found fugitives. Medosvidetelstvovanie showed an average degree of intoxication (about 300 grams of vodka). The reason escape employees called inhumane conditions of stay and service, says a source. As previously reported, a culture shock for the police officers became household restrictions in Sochi: the inability to go beyond the “perimeter” in the city, the inability to go out to smoke without form, lack of internet products available in a single stall in the “teens” range. Even on New Year’s on the table the guards order filed only “baby” non-alcoholic champagne. In response to complaints management allegedly threatened at all not to let anyone outside the location. On emergencies with staff and these include the use of any dose of alcohol, reported First Deputy Interior Minister Alexander Gorovoy that, most likely, and will personally make a decision about the fate of the fugitives.

St. Petersburg law enforcers sent photographs showing how the conditions of service and the atmosphere of pre Olympic city. Their text messages succinct: “We are so serve, day and night for 12 hours patrolling the Olympic Village. In buildings inside are not allowed even in the toilet, you can not sit down for a long time can not stand still, you can not smoke, eat and nowhere to get warm. But conditions in which you can relax. ”

16 January 2014

Tonight at midnight will come in 2014 in the old style (Only for strong body and spirit Russia and Ukraine over the New Year)
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