Briton received on the 100th anniversary of male striptease

A resident of Nottinghamshire celebrates the 100th anniversary of the pub, where she performed the dance stripper. According to Animals in Retford Times, the event was held on January 12. The birthday girl Doris Diherdi independently chose a dancer.

Daughter Doris, Sharon, told me that her mother-originally planned to celebrate his birthday helicopter flight (so she spent her 90th birthday). She asked the family whether to strip the pilot during the flight, but she explained that pilots do not do that. Then it was decided to send her to a pub with a striptease.

At a party place Diherdi arrived by limousine. Pensioner deeply involved in the fun, daubed oil stripper, and she received a dollop of whipped cream. During the execution of a dancer in my room playing pub composition LMFAO “Sexy And You Know It”.

Doris Diherdi was not the only resident of the UK, which celebrated the 100th anniversary at a party with a striptease. In 2011, on the anniversary of a male striptease received Clare Ormiston, who lived in a nursing home in Birmingham. She performed a dance for a stripper nicknamed Scorpion.

17 January 2014

St. Petersburg police were trying to escape from Sochi
Visitor theater dressed Google Glass, was taken out of the hall by the FBI

• The deputy head of the FSB was fired after the "immodest" Jubilee of 100 thousand dollars on the ruble »»»
Deputy Director Vyacheslav Ushakov, the FSB could get fired for “immodest” anniversary, and suspicion of corruption.
• In Saudi Arabia, opened the first school of striptease »»»
26-year-old British stripper Lucy Misch was a real hero of our time and the founder of the first school Shestov striptease in Saudi Arabia.
• The American came to Russia to fly on legendary MiG-29 »»»
Russian pilots have helped American Robert Tilley implement its cherished dream - to fly a MiG-29.
• Visitor theater dressed Google Glass, was taken out of the hall by the FBI »»»
The desire to limit his production film companies from interfering with the pirates so great that the fight against "pirates" throw the police.
• Anniversary of the FSB deputy was ten times as chic ($ 1,000,000): he needed a restaurant for two million and stuffed with roe »»»
According to the publication, official income Ushakov would be enough to just rent the premises in his chosen elite restaurant on the ruble, “Breeze.