Visitor theater dressed Google Glass, was taken out of the hall by the FBI

The desire to limit his production film companies from interfering with the pirates so great that the fight against “pirates” throw the police, the FBI and other law enforcement staff and not very agencies. Thus, recently peaceful spectators who came to the session in Google Glass with optical lenses (he now uses this device and as usual points) while the movie was taken out of the hall by the FBI.

All this happened in Columbus, Ohio, USA. The film, which looked decided our hero is called “Jack Ryan: Chaos Theory.” So, for all regulations visit theater owner Google Glass turned off your device. By the way, he came to the session with his wife, hoping to see the ill-fated picture, so to speak, in the family circle.

About an hour later at viewer next to his chair there was a certain man, “Present badge with some semblance of a shield”, removed from the face of Google Glass our “criminal” and demanded to go outside immediately. Outside picture supplemented 5-10 police officers and security theater.

The whole company accused our viewers that he illegally recorded movie using Google Glass. His protests led to his wife that they were taken to different rooms, and the FBI during the search took the unfortunate owner Google Glass purse and phone numbers, work and personal.

Then began the interrogation. FBI began to find out who this man is, where he works, how much earns what his computer at home, why he writes a movie illegally, to whom he is going to pass, and so on. Then came the even more interesting: the FBI was asked how much Google pays him, the owner of “points” who his boss, and again - why he wrote the film.

Then someone came up with the bright idea to connect your laptop to Google Glass. Five minutes later, all participants of the action began to view family photos of the suspect. A little later, having found no recorded movie, the FBI acknowledged that innocent man (3.5 hours after the start of the screening).

After all that has happened to the former suspect approached by a man who identified himself as an employee of AMC. This person said that in this region, in this particular cinema wrote this film. After the victim handed employee AMC two tickets for the same movie. In the future, no charges owner Google Glass has not been shown.

In general, one can only imagine the experiences and emotions that got our amateur films. I wonder if he would do next time in the movie (though in glasses, even without)?

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