The new global social project - “The Big Book of Love”

In RuNet launched a new social project, an idea that is unique to the CIS countries. This poster-book “The Big Book of Love”, in which letters are going to recognize ordinary people from Russia and other countries. People here write helpful parents, recognition of the “soul mate”, brothers, sisters, talk about his favorite city.

The creators of “Big Book of Love” is planning to collect as part of its project thousands of letters. View and book read by millions, it will be saved in the history and the people who created it, because we plan to publish electronic and paper versions. There will also be applied for the record, the book with the largest number of authors.

This project is designed to present and future generations, it brings together people of different professions, from different cities and countries. I can safely say that there is history - a bright, positive, supportive eternal values ​​such as family and love.

The uniqueness of this project lies in its accessibility - place a letter in the book can anyone absolutely free. In addition, “The Big Book of Love” is a large-scale development, recognition can unite people of all ages - young people, schoolchildren, people mature and elegant age.

Without a doubt, this site-book - a modern symbol of love, a landmark for future generations.

29 January 2014 | book, commonwealth of independent states, country, idea, love, man, project, russia, ðóíåò

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