Koreans spend hours watching how their compatriots dine live

In South Korea, is rapidly gaining popularity new nationwide craze. Koreans spend hours watching how their compatriots dine in front of live webcams. Among these online consumers to delight your appetite residents south of the Korean Peninsula, has its leaders. Queen “live options” is considered a Korean Pak Co-yen.

The popularity of this 34-year resident of Incheon is breaking all records. Every evening at the TV screens configured for internet transmission, computer monitors and tens of thousands of people are going to see how Pak will dine. This lady is at the origin South Korea swept the fashion watching to see how and what people eat.

Every evening Pak Co-yen, which many fans of her “talent” is called Diva, sits in front of a webcam, surrounds himself with a mountain of dishes with a variety of Korean dishes (and with huge portions) and proceeds to a meal …

31 January 2014

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