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Curious case of the historic lighthouse Koksher. In 1809, when England entered into another war in the Gulf flotilla appeared with the famed British navigator James Somaresa.
Vessels arranged blockade Petersburg and plundered rare vessels ventured out into the open sea. White nights helped the British confidently navigate in unfamiliar waters. However, with the onset of the dark autumn nights patrolling the Gulf of Finland, filled with numerous islets and shoals, it was dangerous, especially since the Russian government ordered not to light majachnye ogni.Anglichan greatly annoyed that such an important beacon for navigation kokshersky not include lights. And Admiral Somares boat sends a messenger, who was to give the lighthouse caretaker letter written in Russian with errors in the form of an order. The letter read:

“Vice Admiral and different orders boyfriend James Somares, principally over Nachalnik great British fleet over the Balta sea, orders that Kahshhar lighthouse was fathoms [lit] in nochiyu, and for an order will be for quite ETA, and will reward lyudei and on resistance will punished and lighthouse Rothery and you taken to the Paulin in England. - 30 August 1809 number. ”

17 February 2014

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