Yatseniuk: Russia wants to disrupt the holiday season in Crimea for Sochi

Sochi Russia wants to use the infrastructure and tries to bring streams of tourists, he said

Acting Prime Minister of Ukraine Yatsenyuk shared his vision of events in Crimea: in his opinion, Russia simply wants to disrupt the holiday season there and lure tourists in Sochi, writes “Ukrainian Truth”.

According to Yatsenyuk, the Russian military are in the Crimea to ruin the reputation of the region as a relaxing resort region. Russia wants more travelers headed to Sochi, where the Olympics was built huge infrastructure, which now need to use somehow. “Russia’s intention - to deprive Crimeans work, wages, holidaymakers, as it was in Abkhazia, when this area was empty of 6 years, to undermine the reputation of the Crimea, translate streams of tourists in Sochi,” - shared his thoughts on acting Prime Minister of Ukraine. He assured that the new Ukrainian government will not leave Crimeans in trouble and help them.

The new Ukrainian government maintains that Russia carried out an armed intervention in the Crimea. Ukrainian media write about the armed men and armored vehicles in the autonomy. According to them, in Sevastopol on the large landing ship of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia “Nikolay Fil’chenkov” allegedly came another 700 armed men. Crimean authorities appealed to Russia to help them to provide security in the region, the Kremlin agreed. U.S. State Department spokeswoman Jennifer Psak said that her country has no evidence that Russia has made an intervention in the Crimea

1 March 2014

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