The territory of the Ukrainian embassy in Moscow made it Limonov. The rally was held under the slogan: “Kiev - Russian city”. Participants of the rally detained

On Monday morning, supporters of the unregistered opposition political left “Other Russia” in masks entered the building of the Ukrainian Embassy in Leontief lane and refused to leave it. “The rally was held under the slogan:” Kiev - Russian city. “Protesters arrested,” - said the representative of the organization Alexander Averin.

“Other Russia” opposition headed by writer Eduard Limonov. Official information about the incident from law enforcement agencies have not yet received.

17 March 2014

Circus left, and remained Zhirik …… (Zhirinovsky suggested removing the letter “s” in the alphabet)
Canadian blogger decided to fast on beer

• Russian tourists wishing to travel to the U.S., no longer need to use the services of Pony Express »»»
Yesterday the U.S. Embassy moved to a new scheme for the issuance of nonimmigrant visas for Russian citizens.
• Ukrainian movement Femen held a rally in support of Russian "blue buckets' »»»
This afternoon, 27 May, three activists of the Ukrainian movement FEMEN bare topless near the Russian Embassy in Kiev, for which they were arrested by police.
• In Kaliningrad, instead prohibited demonstration was "Tangerine flashmob" - members were holding tangerines and crossed bears »»»
In Kaliningrad, on the central square, where on Saturday was organized by the Mandarin Fair, was a flash-mob protest (VIDEO).
• "Naked feminists" have disappeared in Minsk after the campaign against Lukashenko's KGB building »»»
Three activists notorious for its nude protest activities Ukrainian feminist
• Prokhorov ally cheered "Right Sector" nudity (young woman decided to thank the members of the Ukrainian radical movement, who welcomed her in his office) »»»
An activist of the party "Civic Platform" Ninel Rostkowska that in recent months, living in Ukraine, arranged a photo shoot in the nude.