Canadian blogger decided to fast on beer

Canadian blogger Chris Schreier decided at the time of the Catholic Lent go on a diet of liquids. The ration of men, according to UPI, since the beginning of March contains only water, coffee and beer, with the last drink he considers the most nutritious and beneficial for yourself.

According to Schreier, beer gives him about 2,000 calories per day. He noted that such a position still gives him discomfort, and it is not a fun pastime. “Every time my family gathers around the table to eat, is a challenge for me,” - admitted Canadian.

Schreyer also said that despite the post continues trapeznichat with his family, and even cooks for his wife and children a variety of dishes of their own without trying. “My wife thinks that the end of the post I’ll look like a wanderer, thin and with a beard” - said Schreyer.

How to assess the state of Canadian physicians is unknown. Also does not provide comments regarding dietitians selected male diet. In general, starvation and denial of food in favor of only the liquid is a common religious practice.

Catholic fasting began on March 5 and runs until April 19. Schreyer intends to return to a normal diet on April 13.

In 2011, a similar beer lean diet adhered American Jay Wilson of Iowa.

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