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Hunting for drones now permitted in the U.S. city of Deer Trail, located in Colorado. It passed a law that allows anyone who wants to buy an unlimited number of licenses to hunt these devices, otherwise referred to as drones.

The cost of each license - $ 25, duration - year. To acquire it does not require any verification of identity of the buyer, and he has a right to remain anonymous. The hunter should only be 21 years or older and “understand and be able to read in English.” Moreover, although you can shoot at the drones only in the city itself, the licensee may not be his resident and not even a resident of Colorado.

That is why the beginning of 2014, when the law came into force in Deer Trail began to arrive “Fortune Hunters” of all stripes, who left the hotel without local availability. After all, the same law established and reward downed drones. If a hunter brings a trophy and prove their luck fuselage or wing tag with the U.S. government, the award will be $ 25. For a “disarmed” drone pay $ 100.

Why do you need to shoot the drones? “City fathers”, like most of its inhabitants believe that these devices are hidden video surveillance and thereby contribute to building a society of total surveillance. Residents of the city are considering Deer Trail as “a separate political entity, independently providing security of their airspace.” It is recognized that the law is largely symbolic: in the sky of the city still has never appeared none the UAV. Doubt is the willingness of the U.S. federal government dutifully lose costly phones and not recover from the damage marksmen.

However, local authorities are counting on replenishment - sale of licenses may give amounts significant for the tiny town, whose population is just over 500 people. Help the influx of money and that you can buy licenses over the Internet. However, many people expect that innovation will turn itself not so much the actual hunting drones, as some gay festival on this topic. “It’s very serious - they argue enthusiasts. - We look at the sky!”

3 April 2014

M. Weller “On Lies”
“Daughter”, “Gazprom” purchases of silver pens (In order to optimize costs, “Gazprom Transgaz Tomsk” went gold with a cheaper metal)

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