“37th year of rest” (jail SBU scored Kremlin agents, pick up and take away - Senchenko)

SBU tirelessly catches agents of Moscow, awash with Ukraine in recent years.

This broadcast Kiev “5 channel” said Deputy Acting presidential administration Andriy Senchenko.

“We take away, pick and pick. Today, I am sorry, remand already clogged agents. Including those four years ago with someone else’s documents with false names and names introduced in the Ukraine,” - boasted an official with Simferopol registration.

“One more time. Authorities Russian Ukrainian authorities handed over all. All security forces, the army. Well, let’s remember the last defense ministers. Or a Russian citizen just two or three months ago, and then Minister of Defense, or having commercial ties with Russia, and donates all” - complained Andrei Senchenko.

15 April 2014

“Daughter”, “Gazprom” purchases of silver pens (In order to optimize costs, “Gazprom Transgaz Tomsk” went gold with a cheaper metal)
Sumy region on the border with the Russian Federation dig ditch length of more than 500 km

• Ukrainian politician: If the West are tired of us, let hang »»»
If Europe and the United States are tired of Ukraine.
• The choice of light-brown facade administration has spent two months of Vladivostok »»»
Neither members nor residents of the selected color does not suit In Vladivostok, April 16 a meeting of the Committee on Budget, Taxes and Finance.
• Amended to toughen penalties for illegal gambling »»»
Amended in a number of legislative acts of the Russian Federation.
• Fradkov's youngest son became deputy head of the manager of the president »»»
Pavel Fradkov, the son of the head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of ex-Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov.
• Ukraine is fenced off from the Russian earthen ditch along the sea for 570 million hryvnia »»»
Ukraine plans to build a new line of fortifications - this time along the sea.