Fighting occupation - On tobi axis!

April 15, 2014 the Verkhovna Rada adopted the Law “On the rights and freedoms of citizens and legal regime of the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine“, in which a pure vindictiveness Babskii navydumyvala every mischief Crimeans for the results of the referendum, although officially this law is directed as if against the Kremlin. And on April 26, ITAR-TASS reported: “Ukraine shut gateways North Crimean canal through which water from the Dnieper River came on the Crimean peninsula. Reported April 26 Ukrainian news agency UNIAN. 85% of fresh water enters the Crimea in the North Crimean Canal . ” What can I say …

Ruthenian woman, being descendants of the Amazons, are specifically high status in the Ukrainian family, which, however, does not affect their mental abilities. In deep childhood had at least a couple of times to observe techniques Ukrainian women quarreling among themselves (in quarrels with men such techniques have not been applied). For example, the memory pops up childhood memories of life on vacation in the village of my grandfather.

Here is a babe on our street reported that a neighbor down the street said something about her not. Enraged Amazon jumps into the street screaming (to attract the attention of all), runs to the court calls the offender and to the fence. Next loudly explains to her what she herself bitch. Offender is responsible in the same spirit, but as Ukraine women speak very quickly, and in those years, women swear it was not accepted, then the mutual compromising quickly ended. The second stage “on tobi axis!” (”On you here!”) Under which zavrazhdovavshie hand twist each other dulі - fig. Incidentally, since Little Russian “axis” has the same meaning as in the Great Russian dialect of the Russian language, the more advanced, showing fig injected diversity: “In axis tobi! And tomorrow priydesh behind the wheels.” Then he started spitting in the direction of each other, but, because of temperament, saliva too quickly ended. And the last action occurred.

Interestingly, I do not remember the women’s fights, though hair-pulling, and in this case it was over by then adopted the custom - in the last act offended turned to the offender back, leaned cancer, lifted her skirt and showed the enemy rear, with the words “Axis tobi asshole “. She jumped out and stood in the same position: “I. tobi axis asshole”. Then zavrazhdovavshie hand contentedly gone home to the laughter had time to show men. Perhaps before it looked even more spectacular, but while women wore long tights flannel pink and blue flowers that adorned rope for drying clothes in all the yards. So that no erotica - only quarrel.

This custom women’s quarrels long gone, today’s women, had never seeing and fail to repeat, and I thought about it, reading about the notifications mentioned cruel sanctions that Kiev junta invented and invents the Kremlin. Well, here are a couple.

29 April 2014

Sumy region on the border with the Russian Federation dig ditch length of more than 500 km
In Donetsk captured chocolates Poroshenko

• A quarter of Russians changing spouses. Men - from dissatisfaction, women - of revenge. (Poll) »»»
About a quarter of Russians (23%), consisting in a formal marriage, violated the oath of allegiance to his wife, showed nationwide survey conducted by the Research Centre Portal SuperJob.
• Yatseniuk: Russia wants to disrupt the holiday season in Crimea for Sochi »»»
Sochi Russia wants to use the infrastructure and tries to bring streams of tourists.
• Poroshenko decided to give the Crimea the new status »»»
Kiev authorities are planning to develop a "roadmap" for the provision of the Crimea the status of national-territorial autonomy within Ukraine.
• The Spanish secret services: Aliens speak Ukrainian »»»
Alien Language is very similar to the Ukrainian language with the Polish accent.
• Pskov airsoft learned that: "The 2nd Brigade of the GRU special forces and fight in Donbass" »»»
Pskov airsoft found his photo on the Ukrainian site disguised as proof of presence in Donbass Pskov 2nd Brigade of the GRU special forces (in / h 64044), media reported Pskov.