In Donetsk captured chocolates Poroshenko

Two trucks belonging confectioner Roshen, seized by unidentified gunmen in Donetsk.

As the company said on its website, the trucks were detained certain group which placed an outpost on the street Stratonavtov. Representative groups called himself Ahmed and demanded for candy and chocolate goods ransom of 30,000 dollars for each car. Negotiations with the invaders, but they have not yielded results.

Referring to the locals, the company claims that the armed group raises funds “to finance terrorist operations in the region.”

Donetsk region is now partially under the control of militias. Ukrainian authorities are there anti-terrorist operation. It is noteworthy that Roshen chocolate empire created a presidential candidate Petro Poroshenko. One of the richest people in Ukraine expects to strengthen its financial position through the first post in the state. In a televised debate, he said he was not going to leave his business if he wins the election. Poroshenko reservation that will not use the presidency in order to enrich themselves, but it caused a skeptical reaction of the people and experts.

In March, in the Chernigov region of Ukraine by armed men who introduced themselves as self-defense fighters Maidan captured several dozen Kamaz, distilled in Kazakhstan. It was reported that the captured trucks Ukrainians planned at the disposal of the National Guard. Later, the police returned to their owner. The fate of fur with chocolate Roshen is still unknown.

14 May 2014

Fighting occupation - On tobi axis!
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