Today is the Day of Pioneers! All “former” Pioneers on the holiday!

May 19, 1922 2-Russian Conference of Komsomol decided creating widespread pioneer detachments. This day was celebrated in the Soviet Union as a birthday Pioneers. After the collapse of the Soviet Union ceased to be Pioneers Day an official holiday.

As a rule in the Day of Pioneers held various kinds of fees, concerts, awards; in some cities - Pioneer parades. In schools that are “Lenin lessons”, summed up the competition between the units, troops and militia in progress, assembly scrap, waste paper, etc. In the evening, at schools or in separate neighborhoods organized and less formal celebrations with the traditional “pioneer fire.”

On the day of pioneers in our time a number of activities for the Pioneers. Every year on the Red Square are made welcome to the pioneers.

Today is the Day of Pioneers unofficially celebrated some children’s organizations and companies engaged in the organization of children’s leisure

19 May 2014

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A new resource for primary school children! Online now you can find many lessons and activities for primary school children.
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Parliament of Latvia on Thursday rejected an amendment of the faction of the opposition party “For Human Rights in United Latvia” (PCTVL) to the law on public holidays and commemorative days.
• Zyuganov suggested pioneers unite online »»»
Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov suggested to create social network for the Pioneers.
• Today, all over the world celebrate the International Day of Older Persons. »»»
International Day of Older Persons (International Day of Older Persons) celebrated the UN General Assembly annually c October 1.
• Making your child's birthday balloons »»»
Children are waiting for a holiday look and happily respond to every detail of the celebration.