Lord Browne: in Russia need to send employees homosexuals to the attitude towards them changed for the better

According to the chairman “Cuadrilla” Lord Browne, “British companies should send their gay employees in countries like Russia, where homosexuality is still not approve to help change attitudes towards them.”

Former boss “BP” was forced to resign from his post as head of the oil giant, when Sunday newspapers wrote about his relationship with the boy on call. He believes that companies should make greater efforts to fight for the rights of homosexuals.

During his speech at the festival Heyskom 66-year-old Lord Browne suggested that enterprises in other countries, where homosexuality is outlawed yet, there would be a unique opportunity to change their minds. He also advised the young workers-Gay “open” as soon as possible after the start of the new company. Brown said he hopes to one day see the Prime Minister a homosexual. “We need to change attitudes toward homosexuality and other countries established norms of behavior. For example, forward movement will go faster, - he said. - Why” BP “did not send in Russian homosexuals? I think it is possible - provided that you give yourself account for their actions, as such a trip would be fraught with extreme risk. ” Asked how soon employees must speak about their sexual preferences, Lord Browne said: “In my opinion, as soon as possible, because to live with such fears wrong. I think I myself would have been less reticent man if I had confessed that I homosexual, and then much earlier would be much happier. And I would not have to go through this ridiculous catastrophic episode in my life. ” Lord Browne, who earned for turning “F” in the second-largest oil company on the planet nicknamed “Sun King”, presented at the festival his new book “Glass cabinet: why openness - is a good solution,” where a detailed account of their struggle for rights homosexuals after publicly “declared itself” in 2007 year. Then he struggled for weeks with newspaper to declare invalid an article and get rebuttal publication, but in the end the Court of Appeals sided with the newspaper: Brown himself admitted in court that he - a homosexual. Thereafter, Brown immediately resigned. In his book, he described his feelings when he was forced to hide their sexual preferences. When he was young, his mother survived Auschwitz warned him that being different can be unsafe: “She believes that stand out from the crowd is not always good. She knows something: when times are tough times, minorities stand out and start persecution. As as part of a minority, she was in Auschwitz. She survived, but only because of luck - she lucky enough. I think she knew I was gay, but never talked about what he knows. She was not stupid “….. ….

29 May 2014

Today is the Day of Pioneers! All “former” Pioneers on the holiday!
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