In St. Petersburg, the call starts in “Couch troops”

Youth branch of the party RPR-Parnas announced in the call “Couch Russian troops.” Recruiting Office “Divankomat” opened on Friday in the house 8/2 Bolshaya Moskovskaya Street, according to the movement’s website on social networks.
Become available to all military personnel who put “likes” under aggressive slogans online. On the spot “recruiting office” will play performance, depicting such “internet warrior” - the near marginal, able to broadcast only film in the network.
The purpose of the action “Divankomat” - to ridicule and condemn calls for resolving conflicts by force, the force on the background of events in the south-east of Ukraine. “Many people are satisfied with the” war “on their social pages, blogs and comments. All this leads to extremely negative consequences - hatred and enmity between the two brotherly people of Ukraine and Russia“, - said the leader of the youth branch of the RPR-Parnas Mikhail Konev. “His action we want to encourage people to show restraint and prudence in expressing their emotions,” - said Konev.

6 June 2014

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