“It is ridiculous to call themselves Vovan” (Phone bully told why Lukashenko played and what it led to)

Pranker, known as Vovan222, played the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko and called him on behalf of the son of the former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. Record appeared on the Internet on June 16. During a conversation pranker asks the interlocutor, whose voice is like the voice of Alexander Lukashenko, political asylum for Yanukovych Sr. and his family. However, on Tuesday pranker said that his telephone conversation with President of Belarus to the Internet it does not spread. According to him, Lukashenko is likely to listen. These people did the conversation public. How to record hit the Internet? Why it has not laid out the author draw? And why do you need to fool around with the politicians? This Vovan222 told “Lente.ru” the.

“Lenta.ru,”: How is it that you have not published record?

Vovan222: The recording was made on Saturday morning. I got a call from the presidential administration and combined with Lukashenko. And somewhere in the night from Sunday to Monday, I saw a post on Facebook Ukrainian journalist Mustafa Nayem. This is such a well-known journalist maydanovsky. It is fully described in text form our conversation with Lukashenko. And with such detail that it was clear that he was listening or recording, or give him some deciphering. He wrote that he had received information from a reliable source and is likely to real conversation.

Yesterday, Monday morning on Ukrainian portal lib.ua entry appeared. Moreover, the record is not mine, but those who have listened. Not even us, and just listened to Lukashenko.

What makes you think?

On the recording, which is lined on the Internet, talk turned on before I pick up the phone. First assistant Lukashenko says something, and after a few seconds, I pick up the phone and say “Hello.” Ie recording was not on my side. Lukashenko streaming or Security Service of Ukraine or Western intelligence agencies. And those who listened to him, and decided that this is a real conversation.
That is, they, too, have fallen for a hoax?

Exactly. I think they gave this record and the Kiev authorities. But after Mustafa, who, as I understand it, is associated with these new Kiev authorities conversation hit the Internet.

As a result, the drawing was caught not only the one who called, but the security services and the media. Since this happens to you the first time?

Yes, that the first time.

Even … “golden loaf” did not embarrass?

It was so small jokes - had something to dilute our serious conversation. I myself was surprised by this story. I thought a few days again call Alexander Grigoryevich.

Why would call?

Wanted to talk about the removal of “our family values.” I was planning to do it on Tuesday-Wednesday. Yesterday, after the record has already received publicity, I called again to the reception Lukashenko to get comments on this post. They said they did not know about it ………

17 June 2014

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