“Greenpeace laughs,” NATO Secretary General Rasmussen: European environmentalists financed Russia

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said that Russian intelligence services secretly financed campaign against shale gas to put all of Europe on the gas needle. Environmentalists heard so bold point of view, did not hide ridicule.

According to the head of NATO, Moscow is helping activists protesting frekinga to increase the dependence of European countries on Russian gas supplies, RIA Novosti reported, noting that Rasmussen, however, did not reveal any sources, nor any details on which is based his statement.

“I met with allies who can report that … Russia is actively cooperating with the so-called non-governmental organizations - environmental organizations that oppose shale gas” - Rasmussen said, quoted by the Financial Times, the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London.

The press service of NATO has already reported that Rasmussen statement reflects his personal views and not the official position of the alliance. Reaction was ecologists and all sharp.

“We can only wonder - what they smoke at NATO Headquarters” - leads the Guardian answer Greenpeace, in which dozens of activists were arrested last year by the Russian authorities after the protest action on an oil platform “Prirazlomnaja” in Arctic waters, and subsequently released under an amnesty.

Activist organization “Friends of the Earth” (Friends of the Earth), Andrew Pendleton said: “Probably Russian so concerned about our great potential for wind and solar energy, which entered the UK government.”

Recall, that the technique of hydraulic fracturing (freking) is that the depth of the well over a thousand meters using powerful pumping stations at very high pressure, a so-called pumped fracturing fluid - a mixture of water, sand and specific substances, which may contain dangerous toxins . After that, a crack in the earth’s crust is revealed. Oil and gas coming to the surface. However, this technique can lead to fluctuations in the earth’s surface. In addition, there is a possibility that hazardous chemicals accumulate in the soil and will contaminate ground water and air.

20 June 2014

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