This is not a starling is “duck” (Ukrainian media seriously said: “With the birds occupied the peninsula run!”)

Pink starlings wound their nests in the Crimea and Kherson evacuated. More unbearable to tolerate them “the horrors of the Russian occupation.” And this is no joke - straight from the tin study in one of the leading newspapers Square “Voice of Ukraine”.

If you believe the Ukrainian propaganda, the more than three hundred birds were refugees, “likely to flee from the Crimea starlings made a so-called disturbance: hard fledge when nests are constantly circling over combat aircraft and helicopters, and the earth trembles knocking armored vehicles and heavy tanks. Here are the Red Birds, like humans, migrate to where quieter. ”

- Ukrainian media forgot to mention that warplanes flew over the Crimea only in honor of Victory Day. And here you can see the tanks only on pedestals - Crimeans comment sensation.

But zoologists republic even to this farce approached with the utmost seriousness.

- Rose-colored Starling - the kind that does not have a permanent nesting sites. Learn exactly where starlings flew in Kherson, virtually impossible - said “KP” ornithologist, Ph.D. Vladimir Kucherenko. - Yes, and “disturbance” for pink starlings science is not installed. They live quietly on farms where the forest tanks rumbling farm equipment.

Starlings - not the first “victim” of information warfare. Recently, military officials demanded Square give Sevastopol Odessa legendary martial dolphins. However, the whole point is that the last of them died 15 years ago, and new in the Crimea is not trained - no money.

4 July 2014

Photo Christmas “spree” Russians will give 11 days
In Kiev unknown burned at the six-meter sculpture Pozniaki Eagle

• Chinese Air Force took to the service of the Apes »»»
Air Force China have adopted the monkeys. It is reported by China Central Television.
• Yatseniuk: Russia wants to disrupt the holiday season in Crimea for Sochi »»»
Sochi Russia wants to use the infrastructure and tries to bring streams of tourists.
• The census of nightingales will be held in Moscow at the weekend »»»
Traditional ‘Nightingale Nights “, when anyone can communicate in Russian Bird Conservation Union” address.
• (Was) Colombian police smashed a parrot with drug mafia alerts about the dangers »»»
Police in Colombia have arrested “a talking bird, which” worked “an informant from drug traffickers.
• Dance Heads - we give people a smile! »»»
So ended the New Year holidays, and with it behind the examinations and New Year holidays.