Victor Pelevin’s new novel “The Love for Three tsukerbrinam” will be released on September 9

Press office of the publishing house “EKSMO” reported that the famous Russian writer Victor Pelevin present his new book on 9 September. Pelevin’s new novel “The Love for Three tsukerbrinam” will be the ninth.

Currently about a new product Pelevin nothing is known except circulation - 70 000 copies. Also in September, will be released the first volume of the collected works of the writer. Total publisher is going to release 15 volumes. Note that the illustrations for the first volume drew fans of the writer. Pelevin personally chose the top 5 artists from more than 1,500 wanting reported TVC.

Victor Pelevin is the author of such famous works as “Omon Ra”, “Chapaev and Emptiness”, “Generation P”. His latest book, “Batman Apollo” was written in March 2013.

Many of the author’s works have been filmed. The largest known to the film “Generation P” directed by Victor Ginzburg. Picture were released April 14, 2011

31 July 2014

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