Red string of luck

Not all celebrities are superstitious. Many of them are just different items as accessories. Some wear red thread[/[t:tag slug=nitka]thread on his hand, thinking that it heals them. In particular Madonna uses it because drevneindeyskogo doctrine called “Kabbalah.” This peculiar doctrine of spiritual protection. According to this doctrine, red thread protects against envy, or as we call from the “evil eye.” Red means himself as a danger. Thread does reflect any malice or envy in your direction, moreover it heals the person in anger.

Among the celebrities tied a scarlet thread on his left hand - Madonna, Oksana Fandera, Ksenia Sobchak and others. Thread need to wear it on the left hand, because it is believed that evil comes to the man on the left side. According to Jewish belief, tie a string on your hand should close person, not necessarily relative. The most important thing happening in Israel. Long red thread tied Rachel’s tomb. According to the teachings of Kabbalah, it is considered the mother of the world. It was her grave transmits spiritual energy to all mankind, and the red thread carriers receive immunity to the forces of evil. Each red thread in Israel goes through a ritual, after which it is ready to protect human rights.

Many believe that due to auto-suggestion and deep faith, the person himself heals itself from any ailment. Red thread is only thing that is encouraging his master and boosts his self-esteem. It is believed that the usual red thread also has its own miraculous power in medicine.

If you tie a string to the field strains and sprains, the pain immediately goes and recovery of the body becomes more rapid. A person can go to all the way, all the problems will be solved easily. The main thing that you have to really believe in the power of the red thread, and then it becomes a symbol of your success in life.

5 August 2014

Victor Pelevin’s new novel “The Love for Three tsukerbrinam” will be released on September 9
Approximately two thousand Russian tourists travel agencies bankrupt “Labyrinth” and “IntAer” remain abroad

• Opposition to one day turn the Red Square in the "white" »»»
On Sunday, April 1 rally organizers “For Fair Elections” will hold a rally near the Kremlin.
• Spichkostrel - nostalgia for childhood »»»
Wooden clothespin - is the material from which you can make a lot of interesting things.
• The respite from the army after the operation »»»
This is the most energetic, perhaps, the most expensive project in the whole of his life, because Russian is not stingy, and their desire to be the best is already known to the world.
• American millionaire offered to create a separate state for refugees »»»
American millionaire Jason Buzi figured out how to solve the refugee issue once and for all.
• In Primorye, the students and teachers were driven to the festival at gunpoint »»»
As reported by RIA “Date’s” Senior Assistant Attorney Maritime Elena Telegin.