Latvia has adopted a formal place for witchcraft and prepare the first congress of witches

In Latvia there was a place where on certain days you can spend magical rituals in front of the public. Decision was approved Krimulda edge Duma shortly before the first-Latvian Congress of witches.

As explained with reference to the Delfi edition LETA, in other municipalities of Latvia cast in public places is prohibited. And Krimuldas region is the village raga name is translated from Latvian - “witch.” He has long attracted tourists magical entourage, and on August 16 there will be held the first thematic event “An Evening in Ragane spirits.”

Lutheran Bishop of the Diocese of Liepaja Paul Bruvers regretted the decision of deputies. He recalled that the Bible condemns all forms of occultism, and added that witchcraft in Europe is a centuries-old tradition, and in Germany and the UK, there are still a professional association of witches and sorcerers.

“People prefer magic to a short time to achieve the desired. It’s like a sport - people choose some pills instead of serious work on yourself,” - said the bishop.

Catholic priest Michael Volohov, commenting on the decision in the social network self-government body, put it more succinctly: “Genius stupidity.”

Publication “” argues that the legalization of witchcraft and witches were provoked by Congress last year’s performance in Riga and deputy priest Yanima Smits. He drew attention to the fact that the pub is located Ragane “Witch pot”, which hosts organize outreach activities in the Latvian capital and treat everyone “witch’s kitchen.” Smits urged lawmakers to deal with advertising “anti-Christian” and “satanic” values.

Smits offended at not only the owners and employees of the tavern, but Krimuldas power - in fact in a place called “witch” named after the city and garages, and farms, and shops, and to classify them as satanic cult followers a little strange.

Nevertheless, the negative publicity from the defense of Christian values ​​also worked, and witchcraft places attract tourists. In response to Ragane invented a unique cultural program “Krimulda legends.”

12 August 2014

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