Press USA: No Russian joke is not without racism

New York Magazine udivilen that the leaders of the breakaway republic in Donetsk find time to spread on Twitter jokes about the events in the American Ferguson. Alexander Boroday posted on his page a link to a fictional comic about a telephone conversation Russian and American presidents. The publication notes that no Russian joke “is complete without its share of racism.”

“Brave Boys” of the breakaway republic of Ukraine, Donetsk People want everyone to know that they are not so busy with their conflict, they do not pay attention to what is going on the United States, writes New York Magazine.
Despite the intensity of the voltage of the last days in eastern Ukraine, where government forces and rebels exchanged unsubstantiated allegations of attacks on civilians, militia leaders find time to sit in Twitter.
To remind the United States of the need not to meddle in other people’s affairs, the author writes, militias spread in social networks image in the form of comics, representing a telephone conversation between Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama about the events that swept the American city of Ferguson after the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown.

Prime Minister of the self-proclaimed republic Alexander Boroday on his Twitter page posted a link to this image, the text of which translates to its readers New York Magazine.
The image Putin suggests that residents Ferguson will not hurt Russia’s help, then assures anxious American president was joking.
“Phew! This Putin his jokes on my palm will drive back!” - Exclaims Obama in comics.
“Because no one Russian joke can not do without a certain amount of racism” - said New York Magazine.
Not only DNR decided to specify the United States “on a mote in the eye,” the newspaper writes. “It is a democratic government in Egypt, which just did not come to power through a coup,” Washington advised to exercise caution.

Readers’ comments on the site New York Magazine:

Ryan99550: And what is this racist? He grew up in Hawaii, there are palm trees.
Firstclasstramp: In Russian it sounds funny? Maybe there’s a play on words? In addition, Ukraine - not “internal affair”, it is generally a different country. It does not spoil the fun?

Asher2780: Except racist joke (to intervene in the affairs of others) funny, because, sadly, true. We declare that we are the torch of democracy, but it is absolutely not true. We are a nation hypocrite, blimey.

Markseb2003: I must admit, pretty funny comic. I believe that the Russians are racist toward Obama, although the reference to the palms is more logical in the context of the fact that he - Hawaiian, and not anything more insulting.

Riverhawk: And what part of the comic book - racism? In fact, a little funny.

Rgqueen in response Riverhawk: “On the palm will drive” - ​​probably in Russia so are monkeys ………

20 August 2014

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