Bonjour les Patriotes! Russian Spring in the villa Trinity (France. Cannes. Cote d’Azur. Cap d’Antibes.)

Once we have today aggravation advocacy work on the Internet, then this post is for you, dear little helpers kremlezhulikov in social networks.

You strochaschim “patriotic” comments, untwisting false RashaTudeya rollers, and “leading out of the top” positions that grave paratroopers printed on a dedicated this little investigation FBK.

We will tell you about your “Daddy” - the main militant internet patriot and fan VV Putin.

Of course, you all know Konstantin Rykov.

Konstantin loves money home. His track record: State Duma deputy from the “United Russia”, the head of the Internet department “First Channel”, one of the founders of the movement “For Putin” and so and so.

People involved in the Internet industry, is also well aware of Konstantin Rykov by loud, very expensive and certainly a failure of Internet projects.

For example, Konstantin Rykov promised us “Russian Huffington Post” from the project “” (the site has not been updated in 2014).

The failure of a project, in the promotion of which was invested fantastic money from clear sources, generally one of the legends you’ll ever need. Money to buy traffic over, and the “look” of the day has fallen from 1st to 200th place in the category of media.

But Constantine was not discouraged. He knows that patriotism-putinstayl fine paid in our country. As I understand it, it Rykov team leading all the “Crimean” tweeters: Attorney-nyashi Poklonskaya premiere Aksenov and so on.

If you are not a very good understanding of Constantine, then just go to it twitter.

Volitional view, looking into the distance, tricolor, amid soaring rocket ostropatrioticheskie polls - here it is Constantine.

Every minute he wants to die for Russia. He wants to be in the trenches. He boldly argues in pendos and gay ropeytsami. He is the main Prodrive tag # RusskayaVesna. Tears in his eyes.

Well, my dear Kremlin Internet users, strochaschie commentary for a small coin, and those who are seduced by it’s free. Your boss tears really is. But they are laughing.

Over you and those like you are taking at face value # RusskuyuVesnu in his performance.

Flag on the pic Konstantin Rykov, of course, should look like this:

France. Cannes. Cote d’Azur. Cap d’Antibes. This is the most chic resort area of ​​the world. The epicenter of the fact that (in words) so contrary to all kremlёmlёvskim patriots.

Hence, sparing neither himself nor the computer keyboard, scribbling his tweets about Russian Spring and death in the trenches our Constantine.

26 August 2014

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