Domain social network “VKontakte” locked

Domain social networkVKontakte” blocked. The reason is the failure to lock the document that is the owner of the network address, told Itar-Tass Director of Public Relations Ru-Center Vorobiev.

Earlier, the press secretary of the social network “VKontakte” George Lobushkin said in his Twitter, that the domain of social network blocked due to failure from the Registrar RU-Center, with domain works.

“Documents were requested on the registration, but the company did not provide them on time.” VKontakte “provided documents only the day after the expiration of their provision, so the domain delegation was filmed. Once we got the documents - it was renewed,” - said Vorobiev.

He added that the delegation of the domain was resumed at 11:50 Moscow time. Since this process takes time, some users might experience difficulty in accessing the resource.

8 September 2014

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