A resident of Omsk region taught the dog to collect potatoes

A dog named Tara Lemon from the Omsk region, already famous in the networks the ability to fetch water to the column, has now become a gardener. First, he helped the hosts to grow potatoes, and now with them is busy with the harvest of vegetables. And despite the fact that the fluffy worker not some mongrel and purebred Giant Schnauzer.

- Unique ability Lemon began to show when he was not yet a year old - said “RG” dog owner Alexander Matytsin. - First, the garden began to carry a bucket, and then began to go to the column for water. Moreover, he has learned to pour it by pressing a lever front paws.

That the economic dog is not spoiled teeth, Alexander buckets supplied with special rubber handles. In addition to vegetables and water, lemon helps to carry the firewood. In winter, even he was happy with the children sled drags. Best for him a reward for “exploits” - to drive to the host drive.

- This is his favorite thing - says Matytsin. - He and I often drive out of town on a fishing trip in the forest.

Despite the breed in dog food is unpretentious charm. Chewing bones, eats carrots and cucumbers. But he has no medals. According to the owner, Tara dog competitions do not hold, and carry a talented dog for three kilometers in Omsk - too troublesome and expensive.

Nevertheless, thanks to the Internet exploits unique dogs have a wide resonance, and laid VKontakte photos and videos Tara riesenschnauzer collect hundreds of “likes.”

Recently Lemon appeared offspring. Buyers are happy to take the puppies and suddenly talent and hard work Lemon passed to him by inheritance?

12 September 2014

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