Makarevich canceled tour of Ukraine due to health problems

Russian musician, leader of the Time Machine Andrei Makarevich suffered a concert tour in Ukraine with the program LOVE for spring 2015.

This tour has been scheduled for the autumn of 2014, and musician waited quite busy touring route around Ukraine.

Today, October 1, on his Facebook page Makarevich wrote that touring transferred, noting that in its decision no socio-political agenda.

“My friends, sincerely apologize for the fact that the tour program LOVE in Ukraine have to move - most likely at the beginning of spring. This is because of me - I have to, as it turned out, during this time frame to pass a medical procedure that does not work move. On the timing of the transfer of concerts immediately report. again pardon, “- wrote Makarevich.

Organizers Ukrainian Time Machine performances have received official notification from the representatives of the musician that the concerts will not take place.

1 October 2014

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