Briefs Queen Victoria of England to be auctioned

Lingerie Queen Victoria of Great Britain put up for auction, which will be held in Stanford. Included - nightgown and panties.

Sales start on October 12. The initial price of the trousers is 2,000 pounds (approximately 129 thousand).

Dimensions underwear suggests that Queen Victoria was a woman in the body. Shirt at the waist - 132 cm and chest - 167 cm.

Set is preserved in good condition. Nightgown and panties ruler presented for exemplary operation of one of its employees. Underwear in his family carefully stored and transmitted by inheritance.

This is not the first case when auctioned piquant clothing queen. Earlier pradovali briefs queen and her silk stockings.

Queen Victoria rules Britain since 1837 to 1901.

2 October 2014

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