“Lustration in garbage cans - a special project of the Russian FSB. They show the picture for Russian propaganda” - Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine

This opinion was expressed yesterday by Vladimir Groisman in Vinnitsa, representing local officials to block reforms, decentralization of power and self-government.

It is not acceptable when the lustration act that way. Garbage bins - a special project of the Russian FSB. They show the picture for Russian propaganda that in Ukraine all terribly and disastrously bad, - said Deputy Prime Minister. - It would not be hard, but you have to pass a process of lustration. The President made the decision to sign the bill. He is a complex and quite debatable, but the cleansing power to happen.

The order shall give just this takes time - said Ukrainian official.

About garbage lustration village chairman spoke Komsomolsk Kozyatinskogo district Anatoly Lopatinsky. He is disappointed with the position of Deputy Prime Minister.

“Either he does not understand the situation, or is it happening with their blessing. This custom action. In our area drag respected people in trash cans. This is not acceptable. Groisman have to say that it is a disgrace and is being punished for - said Lopatinsky. - We building a legal state.

If there is a violation, should be punished according to the law. That’s what we have police, prosecutors, court. Independence was to bring about change in the country. And came to power people who are completely unbalanced power, brought to the state of war. We need to understand, because there Lugansk and Donetsk in us. “

8 October 2014

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