Ukrainian military will be obliged by law to shout “Glory to Ukraine”

The Verkhovna Rada registered a draft law that proposes to change the order of execution of the military greeting. The document’s authors - MPs from the faction of “Svoboda” Oleg Tyagnibok, Igor Krivetsky Oleg Bondarchuk, Yuri Sirotyuk. In particular, it is suggested in the text of the statute of the word “comrade” is replaced with the word “pan”. “In welcoming the chief or senior in rank” Glory to Ukraine “all military personnel who are in service or out of order, say,” Heroes of the glory. “If the chief or senior in rank is forgiven, then his words” Glory to Ukraine “soldiers meet: “Heroes of the glory”, - stated in the bill. Moreover, it is suggested if the commander (chief) congratulates serviceman or thank him, the soldier “responsible commander (chief)”: “Serving the Ukrainian people.” If the commander (chief) congratulated the military unit ( unit), it says: “Heroes of the glory,” and if the commander (chief) thanks, the military unit (unit) responds: “Serving the Ukrainian people.”

9 October 2014

“Lustration in garbage cans - a special project of the Russian FSB. They show the picture for Russian propaganda” - Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine
Ukrainian media have accused militias to use weapons of the future, which breaks all in the head

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Gerasimov is accused of organizing humanitarian convoys, and conducting military exercises near the border with Ukraine and the subsequent firing of forces "ATO" by artillery.
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Ukrainian Prime Minister Yatsenyuk introduced to the Verkhovna Rada a bill on ratification of the agreement with Lithuania and Poland to establish a joint military brigade.
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The battalion commander "Sparta" Motorola together with the soldiers decided
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Ukrainian army in the exercise "Maple Arch", which are held
• With all my heart with a bow and love »»»
February is considered the most severe month of the year, so it is no wonder that this man’s party has appeared in the last winter month.