Bride for jihadists. As I was recruited as an Islamic state? Who in the first place can be a victim of recruiters?

Great Caliphate, or ISIS (Islamic State[/t[t:tag slug=ssha]State of Iraq and Great Syria - further IG), with each passing day recruits into its ranks more and more citizens of Europe and America. And it’s not, Muslims are immigrants and the native population. Among recruited more women.

According to European officials and experts on terrorism, 10% of all recorded visits of Europeans in the areas controlled by the IG, perpetrated by women. The number of “new islamistok” of indigenous Americans, too, is growing every day - the recruiters are very proud of the IG.

White women from wealthy countries are going to give birth to the bloody builders caliphate and prepare them food - who and how was able to talk them into it? And who in the first place can be a victim of recruiters - figuring correspondent “MK”.

“Looking for a woman with a good education”

Why the bloody exotic prosperous Frenchwomen, German, British women, American women? Why do they rush to help the bandits cut off the head of their own countrymen?

For the answer, I went to the Iranian capital, Tehran, and then - to the south, in the city of Shiraz, where, by our standards, already in close proximity to Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan - the center and stronghold of the activists of the IG. There are no traffic jams, but there are mountains and deserts, so drive from Shiraz to reach any of these places - a piece of cake.

As soon as I find myself in cyberspace Iran to my home page in social networks are beginning to enter strange messages.

Woman with barely real name Lisa Vander and photo Pakistani actress wrote on the avatar on a squalid Russian explicitly using an online translator: “You want to get married, there are good guys to create a strong family with children.” Immediate answer, I really want to marry, the good guys and children. In response, I promise as soon as an appointment in the city - but that’s now agree on the time and place with the “good guys.”

Doctor of Philosophy in Pakistan, as he introduced himself with a complicated name Mir Ibrahim Ayatollah Baghdadi wrote: “There is a good work in charity (charity) in support of peace in the world, we need a woman with a good education, language skills, the ability to live and work in the Middle East for several years. Lodging, life and health insurance and a lot of money. ”

The rest of my new respondents basically offer to become better acquainted. The answer to all without exception - it all happens in the first hour of checking into a hotel in Tehran. I look forward to the answers, but then access Facebook I have blocked.

Go to the front desk. Pretty smiling Iranian woman answers - they say, yes, I am sorry, but in our country access to certain segments of the Internet is limited.

24 October 2014

The Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation suggested that the United States Department of State to evaluate the elections in the village of Astrakhan region
The Russians decided to close down all the shows and festivals in Latvia

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