The Russians decided to close down all the shows and festivals in Latvia

A group of Latvian entrepreneurs and representatives of show business is preparing an open letter to the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medina asking not tolerate competition “New Wave” of Jurmala. Previously, the readiness to take such a decision himself said Medina, while the Russian organizers discuss care with the Latvian market.

In an interview to the Latvian radio 4, said one of the authors of the appeal to the minister, businessman Yuri Kruminsh.Ssylayas own sources, Krumins said that in addition to leaving the “New Wave”, the Russian side is also discussing the closure of a number of annual events held in Jurmala.

“We are talking about closing not only the” new wave “, but KVN festival Comedy club and other activities. Therefore, I and other entrepreneurs, and representatives of culture, signed a letter to prevent this. Culture - this is what we all united and it should not be mixed with politics. We should not allow politicians to destroy what we have achieved. For the last 10 years Jurmala developed more than 50 for all “- said Krumins.

Earlier, the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation has criticized the foreign policy of Latvia in relation to Russia and Russian artists. The result of this policy may be leaving the “New Wave” and, as a consequence, serious economic damage to Jurmala.

“Russia is close to that decision as to tolerate such slapping our actors will not” - said Medina, commenting on the decision of Minister of Foreign Affairs Edgars Rinkevich about blacklisted a number of Russian artists. On the eve of the last contest “New Wave” in it were Oleg Gazmanov, Joseph Kobzon and Valeria.

Their point of view about the possible closure of the competition in Latvia also expressed Igo Fomins and Olga Rajecká have become guests of the next issue of the “open question” at the Latvian Radio 4.

Thus, according Fomins, competition should stay in Jurmala, however, the Russian organizers and artists should exercise a little more respect for the Latvians, avoiding careless jokes on sensitive topics for the residents of Latvia.

“If I decided that, to be competition or not, I would have certainly left. But it is obvious that the organizers time to sit at the same table and talk about how we will continue to treat each other. I can understand those people who speak out against the competition, because they feel, at times, careless attitude of some performers and organizers to important for Latvia and Latvians things. There are faces, some point beyond which would not be worth to go. Something is wrong and we do themselves, but from the guests we always welcome more respect. Every hint or joke on serious topics for latvian perceived painful “- warned the musician.
This point of view maintains and Olga Rajecká.
“Because of the mentality we Latvians are very touchy. So when we come to visit and allow themselves careless jokes, it is unpleasant to us. And regarding the” New Wave “as such, I do not mind ……

3 November 2014

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