The state will finance the “project of the century” at the expense of the pension airbags

National Welfare Fund (NWF), to ensure the stable operation of the pension system, becoming one of the few sources of financing for large infrastructure projects. At the expense of the FNB allowed to cover 40 percent of the cost of a specific project. Finance Ministry proposes to increase this limit to 90 percent. Thus, private investors are almost completely eliminated from the “buildings of the century.” And the government assumes major project risks, payback, to put it mildly, is not obvious.

7 November 2014

“Mail of Russia” will create a Russian analogue Amazon
Independence Day in Warsaw, pogroms, arson and mass arrests

• 7 golden rules for building your own home »»»
Who has not dreamed of building a house, a few floors with many rooms.
• Licenses for the bookmakers may be indefinite »»»
Ministry of Finance proposed that the perpetual license for sports betting, which are now issued only for five years.
• In Donetsk, in the dilapidated factory will open an international art center »»»
Photo: reconstruction of the building took up the architects of London about this Korrespondent.
• Medical Article postponement of the army »»»
In this case you may declare two property tax deduction the first $ 1 million, thanks to the use of modern computer technology term storage of huge volumes of information is almost unlimited.
• Elimination of the "Jubilee" main control began at a time when a large part of preparations for the 1150 anniversary of Smolensk, far from over »»»
Unable to complete work on the Dnieper embankment, construction of sports and recreation complex ecological and biological center "Smolensk Zoo" building preschools for gifted children.