Independence Day in Warsaw, pogroms, arson and mass arrests

About two dozen wounded, more than two hundred detainees. This is the result of mass riots in Warsaw. March in honor of Independence Day of Poland turned pogroms and arson. Instigators become neo-Nazis and football fans. In the police flew bottles and firecrackers. Guards responded with water cannons and tear gas. Radicals succeeded in driving away, detention continues.

Around 215 people are already in police stations Warsaw police. It is known that four people were wounded: it is two members and two police officers, one of them seriously injured. These data are replenished all the time.

Demonstration of the “Army of Patriots” ended, but clashes with police continue. Searching those outlined dyed jet of water from a water cannon.

At the site of the most severe collision - at the roundabout Rondo Washington - Police seized situation. Bullies have destroyed thoroughfares snatched signs, broken tram and bus stops, city bikes. The police managed to separate from the aggressive young protesters to stop the fight, but the hooligans threw guards firecrackers, flares, Molotov cocktails, stones. Police used water cannons, tear gas and pepper, as well as smooth-bore weapon.

It seems that the young people participating in the action was going to fight. Do demonstrators came from all over Poland, closed face, because Parliament did not find time to take the president prepared a law banning face close during such events.

This year, authorities in Warsaw changed habitual route Colon. Marsh nationalists sent in right-bank part of the Polish capital, by Poniatowski Bridge over the Vistula to the National Stadium. But in the course of the march and on the transport interchange Rhonda Washington there were serious clashes with police.

City officials, mindful of last year’s events, special attention was paid to safety. Thus, the Russian embassy in this year resembles a fortress, installed fencing around a metal shields.

On Independence Day, namely the so-called holiday in Poland today, always goes through several demonstrations. Not all end with only speakers and it has become a tradition.

In the demonstration, “Together for the independence of Poland” was the president of Poland, Chairman of Parliament and other officials of the state. March ended at the monument to Marshal Pilsudski, at the presidential palace, where the head of the State speech.

Parallel to the streets of Warsaw, at 15 o’clock local time began manifestation titled “The army of patriots.” 100 participants as police detained before the march, and during movement. They were found pyrotechnic material.

12 November 2014

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