Milonov proposed to introduce a dress code in the registry office

Member of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, Vitaly Milon faction “United Russia“, proposes to allow only register marriages in traditional attire befitting the bride and groom. According to the newspaper “Izvestia”, the fighter for traditional family values ​​has already started preparing the bill.

This initiative Milonov made after November 7 in St. Petersburg, signed the first LGBT marriage. Family created an ordinary woman and transgender - a man who is in the process of changing their biological sex and change documents. At the ceremony, which was held in the Palace of marriage №4, both newlyweds came in white dresses.

Milonov encourages avoid creating a precedent, when the unconventional couples register marriages, because Russian law does not provide for such marriages.

Due to lack of regulation in this regard, according Milonova, there are times when people come to register the marriage in costume bears and kittens. “At the present state awards can not come in shorts, there are rules by which all dress up in state institutions. Therefore, for the registration of an event associated with a change in civil status, you can not come in the form of inappropriate,” - said the deputy.

13 November 2014

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