New phobia Ukrainian generals - neutron kick

Ukrainian military fear that Russia inflict blows on Ukraine nuclear and neutron weapons Told the former deputy chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Igor Romanenko. According to him, Russia has already used mortars, capable of carrying these weapons.

“They focused means of armored vehicles, heavy artillery and tools that can use nuclear weapons. That is, until the Russians did not use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, massive air strikes and missile attacks. But in the East of our country have deployed six battalions of” Iskander “- operational tactical weapons, which is a carrier of nuclear weapons. Even before that, they used self-propelled mortars “Tulip”, which have not only nuclear warheads, but also two types of neutron bombs “- said Romanenko.

Earlier, former Defense Minister Valery Geleta also talked about the fact that Russia has used nuclear weapons in Donetsk low power against the Ukrainian troops. Subsequently Ukrainian security officials denied these data.

On the eve of Russia’s representative to the OSCE Andrei Kelin, following the meeting of the Permanent Council of the OSCE reported that the US and the EU refuse to give evidence that the Russian Federation sent troops to Ukraine. However, the Russian side has irrefutable evidence that pulls together to Kiev Donbass tanks and artillery.

“Column of tanks Ukrainian troops arrived in Yasinovataya in Gorlovka - 32 tanks, Artemivs’k - 13 tanks, 15 self-propelled anti-aircraft guns,” Shilka “, seven tactical systems” Tochka-U “six” Grad “and” Tornado “, - said Andrey Kelin.

14 November 2014

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