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In the Urals businessman flunked a giant boar weighing half a ton

In the woods near the Lower Sergi, near the village of Shokurov hunter shot a huge boar. Mass production was more than 500 kilograms. More precisely it was not possible to determine: the balance is simply not designed for such weight.

23 November 2015

Today in Russia Day of missile troops and artillery

Day of missile troops and artillery celebrated annually on November 19 on the basis of Presidential Decree of 31 May 2006 “On the establishment of professional holidays and memorable days in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation” as a memorial day established in recognition of military experts

19 November 2015

Ukraine is fenced off from the Russian earthen ditch along the sea for 570 million hryvnia

Ukraine plans to build a new line of fortifications - this time along the sea. Meanwhile, defensive structures, which last year began to build on the border with Russia, is gradually being destroyed. However, their construction cost Ukrainian taxpayers hundreds of millions of hryvnia.

14 November 2015

Ukrainian Russian army suppress the rebellion in the Baltic States

Ukrainian army in the exercise “Maple Arch”, which are held near Vilnius together with the Lithuanian and Polish military doctrine fulfills suppression of pro-Russian uprising in the Baltic region, the press service of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

13 November 2015

In Ukraine, renamed Chapayeva

Local authorities found a way to circumvent the law decommunisation: monuments, simply give new names, or converted into another character May 21, 2015 Ukraine has a government decree providing for the renaming of some settlements and the dismantling of a number of objects of the Soviet period.

9 November 2015

Rada deputy head smashed a bottle of his colleague from the party Tymoshenko

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine broke a major scandal. At this time, it appeared in the center of the MP from the “People’s Front” Andrew Teteruk, who hit a glass bottle on the head with his colleague from the party “Fatherland” Alexander Kuzhel. This was on his Facebook page wrote odnopartiets Teteruka Anton Gerashchenko.

6 November 2015

December 13 will take place on military-historical festival “counter-offensive”

December 13, 2015 in the village of Lyzlov Ruza district host III military-historical festival “counter-offensive”, the sacred events of the defense of Moscow in 1941. Festival “counter-offensive” invites you to witness the reconstruction of the battle in 1941.

23 October 2015

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