Unpretentious sconces from the cans

Each hostess collects a lot of cans, bottles and other glass containers. What to do: turn the pickles and treatment, and perhaps make a candle, a very original and elegant. All you need is to be

24 April 2012

City Bank has introduced Internet banking Handybank

Billing banking organization HandyBank reported that joint-stock commercial bank “City”, which serves its card issuing processing company in UCS, has successfully completed all the procedures for

24 December 2010

Bulgarian robber stole too much money

In Bulgaria, a bank robber was arrested after he fell off his bike because of the severity of the stolen money. Stupid burglars are found not only in Britain and the United States.

Luckless culprit

25 September 2010

Employees of the Bank persuaded the robber to get money on credit

Bank employees were able to persuade the robber to get money on credit, rather than to commit a robbery. Judging by what today are the robbers, it is not so surprising.

59-year-old Mark Smith (Mark

25 September 2010

White American, robbed banks in the black mask

30-year-old resident of Ohio Conrad Zhdzherak within three hours robbed four banks and a pharmacy. The police knocked in search of black men, who, according to eyewitnesses, was standing behind these

23 April 2010

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